mardi 1 décembre 2009

Minarets, Babies and Mozart

A significant number of friends, family and colleagues have called me to ask what is happening in Switzerland after the infamous Sunday votation. A few comments beyond the obvious which is that it is not a step towards promoting better understanding between nations.
  1. Many Swiss are mad after what is felt by Lybia as plain blackmailing
  2. Geneva and the Canton de Vaud which were the 2 states who voted against the motion are definitely more open than the rest of Switzerland
  3. Everyone in Europe should start being honest about immigration. Natality in Europe is down and Europe cannot survive without a significant influx of outsiders.It is pretty late to start thinking of doing more babies.
Now given that this is a musical blog, a quick reminder tensions existed event at the time of Mozart via a work where in the end reason and harmony prevailed... and of Kurt Moll's outstanding talent ...

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