vendredi 18 décembre 2009

Is there enough chamber music on Radio ?

While studying at Harvard from 1990 to 1992, I listened regularly to WCRB, the local classical radio.It seems now via the Boston Globe that the station has a new owner and that there may be some changes, not always for the best.

Like most of its US counterparts, it had the following characteristics, most of the music played is made of "short" pieces, thus allowing for regular advertising and coverage of the local Orchestra was extensive with some real documents.

My biggest complaint though is that Orchestral and piano make all the repertory. Chamber music is underepresented and WCRB listeners may have even less of it.
    This should not be the case. technological innovations should be such that there should be no shortage of access to all forms of classical music on the waves or the Internet. This was the object of many posts from Bob Shingleton's On an overgrown path blog (which is the inspiration for this one).

    Bob is also a Radio producer on the innovative futureradio. We both had discussions suggesting that Internet and the radio represents a breakthrough opportunity for classical music as it enables to create a structure that takes advantage of Long Tail economics.

    It is easier for large orchestras to leverage their relations with existing radio channels to be heard. Who should takt the lead ? It should be halls that specialise on chamber music to ensure that this very important form of music can find a medium and reach the audiences it deserves.

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