vendredi 12 août 2011

Has Graham Vick struck again

Have a look at Milan's based Opera chic blog entry ... I do not wish to comment on what seem to be yet another attack on Israel made by someone who has probably never visited the place.

What I can comment is that I attended the production Vick did of the Magic Flute in 2005 at Salzbourg. It was as offensive as what he seems to have done for Rossini's Moïse. I took my kids there hoping to get them to like Opera. They hated it, especially the part when the animals are killed by Sarastro and Papageno is smoking pots ... (Yes ...) I will hate this producer until the end of my days for what he did to my family.

So no, I am not surprised, have made a point of avoiding any of Vick's work and feel vindicated based on what he is doing right now.