lundi 24 décembre 2012

Best of 2012

Beckmesser is following the end of year tradition of selecting a best performance.

There are many candidates. I am convinced that Yuja Wang is a great artist with significant personality and individuality who is going to last. I miss Marek Janowski who gave us a stunning reading of Bruckner's Second Symphony and led me to better understanding of this composer. The orchestral performance of the year though was the Berlin Philharmonic multi-composer program in Geneva, a clear reminder of why they are really special and please do come back soon.

The Zurich Meistersinger was close to a near perfect evening save for an unfortunate sub-par Eva. I also had in Zurich a delightful Comte Ory which made me realize how little I really knew of Rossini. So, it is without hesitation that the performance of Zimmerman's Die Soldaten at Salzburg is my operatic performance of the year. The dramatic impact achieved in a work of this difficulty was stunning. One has to acknowledge that it is easier to do something special with modern works but this is what Festival production should be about and I look forwards to the forthcoming Gawain from the same team next year.

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