mardi 23 octobre 2012

Article on Paris's forthcoming Philarmonie

I am not alone in having very strong doubts on the upcoming Paris Philarmonie, a ranting theme which has been recurrent in these pages, see here and here..

Concertonet's founder Philippe Herlin has expressed a similar view on his blog which includes latest figures on cost overruns.

This comes at a time when both US Presidential candidates are clashing over the role of the state. The challenger of the current president has actually stated he would cut state funding for arts which he believes not the be the sort of activity a state should sponsor.

The French situation raises another question: would art be better off, ie shielded away from blatant mistakes such as this unnecessary Philarmonie project if the state were not to intervene ?

Has there been some precedents, has there been a case when civil servants could be associated with an artistic breakthrough, ... ?

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