mercredi 18 mai 2011


Peter Davis in the NYT has an article on Mahler's time in New York.Universal edition is as usual a gold mine of fascinating information.

But for us in Geneva, Valery Gergiev and the LSO celebrated May 18 by playing the adagio of the 10th Symphony (as a substitution for a Mozart oboe concerto with an indisposed soloist) and gave a truly moving performance.

For another type of Mahler performance, Arte has put on the web another outstanding performance of the same work by the Berlin Phil and Abbado along with Das Lied with AS Von Otter and J Kaufmann. Gergiev led a more dramatic reading of the work (and the Berlin strings have slightly better intonation than the LSO if I may). A good example being at 36 mn where Abbado's last pizzicato is gentle whereas it was more menacing with Gergiev but rather than putting one versus the other, it emphasizes how much Mahler music can accommodate different approaches and how this has become part of all everyone respective musical worlds universally.

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