mercredi 7 juillet 2010

New York New York ...

For those interested, the NY Phil and some other American orchestras are hiring. Pay is said to be good, so ...

Remember that this is not true everywhere. As an example, hiring ensembles from Eastern Europe is and has been a common practice to reduce costs. The Chatelet whom I have so many times regretted the declining standards with the new management did this for West Side Story (in French sorry).

As we are currently in NY for vacations and work, we all went to see West Side Story in Broadway (and for those who go, we found bargain tickets at the TKTS TicketBooth right in front of the theater). Cast was young, talented, energetic.(Josefina Scaglione, the Maria in particular is from Argentina and is really right for this part.)  No Opera voices, good actors, good dancers. Production is smart, just the right amount of activities on stage. Music is just wonderful.

This is what I call pay real tribute to this work. Have they done a better musical ever ?

I was forgetting, yes, musicians were locals.

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