samedi 1 mai 2010

Neglegted Masterpieces

Hans Rott is not the only composer whose works are unjustly neglegted in concert halls. Allow me to add a selected list of works which are masterpieces which I have never heard live:

  • Villa-Lobos has written a Symfonia which is a Mozart hommage. My friend Muhai Tang recorded it with his Zurich forces. It is a work full of rythmic subtleties, elegance and finesse with yes, a Mozartian spirit.

  • Do you know Rzewki's The people united will not be defeated. This is a modern set in the line of the Goldberg Variations or Webern ones, full of invention and internal logic. A fascinating titanic work:

  • Kodaly: if you thought that Bartok composed the definitive Concerto for Orchestra, you still need to hear Kodaly's one
  • Martinu: Zimmerman is touring the world with the Czech composer second violin Concerto, it is a stong rapshodic work. There are also some great piano concertos from Martinu.
  • Ives: Everyone would agree on the importance of his works, yet, I have only heard live his 4th Symphony (In Boston under Ozawa in 1992) (and why have I ever just heard one work by Copland  ?)
  • Nielsen: Sibelius is starting to feature in some concert programs: Jaarvi will open his tenure in Paris with the Kullervo which is a stunning work but Nielsen remain totally absent. Once again, I just heard the 3rd Symphony with Soprano and Barytone ages ago.
  • Speaking of Nordic composers, you should know Stenhamar's second Symphony
So please, we all like Tchaikowsky's Pathétique,  Mahler's Second, Brahms ..., but these would be welcome.

Question to you all: what should be on your wish-list ?

2 commentaires:

  1. I heard Zimmermann in the Martinu in Boston late last year.

    I believe Hindemith is vastly under-played, as is Walton.

  2. What I miss is an old-fashioned Bach b minor Mass with Furtwaengler-sized orchestras with restrained tempis, long lines and rich vibratos at the strings.