jeudi 22 avril 2010

This morning at 8 h 59 ...

  • Rushing to the Scala web site
  • 9 h sharp, booking page overloaded
  • Hitting reload key a few times, managed to get in
  • Where are they. OK, I understand I need to go to page 2 forAbbado concerts
  • High hopes: 53 seats for the Friday one; this is 53 more than I expected
  • Selecting 2
  • Proceeding
  • The site does not recognize my home town which is a small Swiss village, I need to change and use my work adress in Geneva which should be ok
  • Too late, 53 seats are gone before you have the time to say Resurrection
  • A look at my watch, ..., it is 9 h 02 !!

    (Abbado has a long history with Mahler's 2nd Symphony. I first heard him conduct it with the LSO in 1979 ... and he has recorded it several times with I think the Chicago and the Vienna. This being said, the DVD has managed to bring, even at the levels achieved, something more ...

    So for us, mere mortals, this is an outstanding Document to have ...)

        2 commentaires:

        1. Taking some pride in staying in the confort of your home to get tickets. Think of us waking up early to queue at 6 in the cold when Horowitz returned to Europe.

          This my friend was genuine musical devotion

          Hans Sachs

        2. Received via e-mail:

          So sorry to read that you did not manage to get tickets.

          There is a silly joke here which goes like this:
          Question: How do I get to the Philharmonie?
          Answer: Practise, practise, pratise...
          I was reminded of this in thís context. I practised the evening before and in the morning before 9h00 - and then I attacked the website! At 9h02 (as you say) all was over. I managed to get a ticket and am relieved. Not that I really think it will be a great concert (that was in 2003). In this case it is more the sense of occasion. But at least I will be able to say I was there...