jeudi 25 mars 2010

Do listen to ...

Two great new recordings of modern French composers not to be missed:

  • The first one is the complete Solos for Orchestra by Pascal Dusapin with the Orchestre Philharmonique de Liège under Pascal Rophé. The orchestral sounds that Dusapin obtains are unique. There are no electronic equiments to enhance modify the sounds. He just has more ideas.
  • The other one is a set of orchestral works by Guillaume Connesson with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra under Stéphane Denève. If you like John Adams, you will like Connesson's brillant music. It is fully accessible yet modern and simply smart. There is a piano and orchestra work played beautifully by Eric Le Sage which is a wonderful successor of the final movement of Ravel's G Major Piano Concerto.

A quick note, Supernova has already been recorded live at the France's Festival Présences (which also celebrated Dusapin). The live recording has less polish but more drama.

Most important is that it is a masterpiece which deserves mutliple recordings.

Even more important is that modern music is alive and well.

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