samedi 9 janvier 2010

Karajan is on the App Store

I am the recent happy owner of an 32 G Itouch (not an Iphone, I am a Blackberry addict) which I have loaded with good music and a few good apps.

One of these is the Orange Liveradio which gives me Wifi access to Radio stations and Podcasts worldwide.This is a concept similar to the one of Radeo. The choice of stations is pretty good (and I have added to my favorites Future Radio where Bob Shingleton has a weekly program.)

I would wholeheartedly recommend it.

Browsing through the music apps, I was astonished to find a .. Karajan application which enables musicians to to train their ears to recognize chords, intervals, tempis, ... I have donwloaded the free version and am enjoying it.

This being said, can Karajan's name be used like this, or is not registered ? Also, is this a brand which will speak to the generation of Ipod Users ?

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